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SORO - Non-profit association for social commitment

We support various private initiatives in South Africa, which, for example, support orphans in South Africa and a girls' school in India. The SORO association was founded in September 2016 and carries out projects in Africa and India.


More about our association

non-profit association

The aim is to channel funds to 100% for the intended purpose without wastage through administration. The organisation and its helpers work 100% on a voluntary basis. Every donation is tax-privileged in Austria.

The founders & the idea

Georg Rotter and Gertrud Rotter-Sorgo decided years ago to make a considerable sum available for social commitment. The visions are activities in South Africa, Asia and of course Austria.

From the heart

In order to put this commitment on a broad basis, we founded the association SORO - non-profit association for social commitment in September 2016. Since then, we regularly travel to all our protégés.

Help, Donate & Support

The association and its founders are grateful every day for all the kind donations the SORO association receives! Please continue to donate - your support helps us to make another child smile.

Help us so that we can help

"It always seems impossible until it is done".

- Nelson Mandela -


All our activities were made possible by many of your donations, for which we as the SORO association would like to thank you very much. We still urgently need funds for our numerous activities and so we would like to ask for your support again. The calendar year is slowly coming to an end and all donations are tax deductible. It would be wonderful if you would make extensive use of this possibility.

More about our actions

Thanks to your help, the SORO association can offer joy and special activities to children in our orphanages and schools.

Some projects

With the Hillcrest Aids Center near Durban we have been connected for a long time. 

In addition to the inpatient care of the sick, other people affected by HIV are trained and supervised in handicrafts. The products made in this way are then bought by the centre and the centre tries to sell them to as wide an audience as possible through its own outlets. This is a great idea, as the people affected can carry out a craft activity in dignity and finance their livelihood with the income. 

Unfortunately, the centre's bills often don't quite add up, so it is very grateful for support. That's why in 2019 we were happy to fund three months' salary for a sales and marketing employee.

We appreciate your help


How can YOU help?

Help us with a DONATION:

IBAN: AT44 2011 1828 9725 9000

SORO Gemeinnütziger Verein für soziales Engagement


Phone: +43 664 3117275

Our actions


In the meantime, we look after NINETEEN preschools. We facilitated a renovation of the ceiling for the Emseni Pre-School with insulation and ceiling lighting.


Potatoes, cabbage, chilli, onion, pumpkin and beetroot were grown. The cultivation is quite labour-intensive, as the field always has to be weeded, which corresponds well to our ideas of job creation. Currently, in addition to Mr. Phila, four people are always employed. One has to consider that the wages for four people feed at least 24 people in this area of South Africa, if not more.

Orphanage Sprinkle

As every year, we prepare an extraordinary change for the children of the orphanage. In 2022, we invited all the children, together with their guardians, to an adventure park.

Thank you for your donations!!!



Würthgasse 8/10, 1190 Vienna, Austria.
Phone: +43 664 3117275

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